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        Hanshan county holds machinery casting industry development seminar Release time:2020-01-10     Time to browse

          On August 10, 2012 including mountain machinery casting industry development conference held in hanshan county government affairs center, vice mayor wen-jin zhang, wang yurou, assistant director of the association of Chinese foundry industry development, the county party committee secretary, director of the county peoples congress standing committee Sun Jun, county magistrate JiChuanShun, east China foundry association NiGuan cao, city via letter Liu Quan, director of the committee, anhui foundry association secretary general zhang Lin, the county party committee, standing committee member and deputy county magistrate Li Huaidong diao, deputy head quarter wave, county machinery casting association, anhui ocean casting co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors Feng Guwei attend seminars and on the podium. The meeting was chaired by county magistrate ji chuanshun.

          Conference, wen-jin zhang pointed out, including mountain foundry industry has a long history, the existing more than 300 foundry enterprises, involved in automobile fittings, valves, household appliances, sports equipment, such as 11 categories of more than 30 series more than 100 kinds of products, with the city peripheral equipment manufacturing and mechanical processing enterprises form the development pattern of complementary advantages, the benign interaction, to build the manufacturing center of heavy industry laid a solid foundation. This seminar invited well-known casting foundry industry experts and business elite, concentrated expert condensation of the wisdom, experience, complicity foundry industry of the future strategic direction and strategic moves, will contain mountains casting industry cluster to promote further development, further innovation promoted, casting technology and equipment level is extremely important and far-reaching significance. All along, the municipal party committee, municipal government always attaches great importance to contain mountain mechanical casting industry, between city and county comprehensive support, promote containing mountain mechanical casting industry development in the transformation and upgrading, hope hanshan county committee, the government and the county casting enterprise can fully digest the expert's opinions and Suggestions, grasp industry development trend, actively seek foreign cooperation, accelerate the development of mechanical casting industry transformation including mountain, together with heavy industrial manufacturing center, to "promote the construction of a river on both sides of the coordinated development, a higher level of well-off society" to make new greater contributions.

          In his speech, sun jun pointed out that this seminar is an effective platform to promote information exchange and cooperation in the mechanical casting industry, as well as a good opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of the mechanical casting industry in our county and the acceleration of its development, which will surely promote the sound and rapid development of the foundry industry and the economy of the mountain. To support the comprehensive development of machinery casting industry is an important direction of promoting the strategy of industrial strength in our county. Build mechanical casting the good development of the enterprise environment, as an important area for our county to implement investment park project, our county will focus all energy, the collection of all power, for the general machinery foundry enterprises investment including mountain, societe generale including mountain to provide quality services and preferential policy, for mechanical casting industry to carry out frequent exchanges and expand strategic cooperation platform, and create the conditions. It is hoped that all departments at all levels of the county should fully absorb the results of the conference and experts' opinions and Suggestions, scientifically formulate and improve the development plan for the machinery casting industry, and further clarify the development measures; County commission of economy and information technology, science and technology bureau and other relevant departments should actively guide, do a good job in service, promote the combination of industry, university and research; Mechanical casting enterprises should grasp the industrial development trend, constantly improve the level of scientific and technological innovation, actively seek for extensive cooperation with foreign countries, work together to realize the transformation from "casting county" to "manufacturing county", and build the "casting town in east China" brand.

          At the meeting, experts from China foundry association, east China foundry association and provincial foundry association made speeches and exchange speeches on the development of mechanical foundry industry.

          Before the meeting, the experts also visited part of the county machinery foundry enterprises and economic development zone technology business incubator.

          At the seminar, honorary President of east China foundry association Shen Jinyuan, east China foundry association, director of the expert committee shall be loyal don, in east China foundry association, deputy director of expert committee of Jin Yongxi, Shanghai mechanical and electrical design institute senior engineer TuHuaLong, Shanghai diesel engine co., LTD., a professor JiZuMing, Shanghai huizhong automotive manufacturing co., LTD., the chief engineer wenbing zhou, Shanghai SAN DE man ZhaiBaiShun casting co., LTD. Technical department manager, the municipal development and reform commission deputy researcher presents, the municipal science and technology bureau party members, director of the counseling office Xia Zongwen municipal environmental protection bureau project management division deputy section chief castor pang, Cong jun, deputy general manager of hefei jianghuai casting co., LTD.; wang yan 'an, deputy general manager of anhui valin automobile co., LTD.; bian cheng, chairman of ma on shan keda mechanical & electrical co., LTD.; tao liangwen, deputy general manager of evec valve (anhui) co., LTD.

          Town governments, hanshan industrial park, economic development zone, five construction headquarters, county direct economic departments, as well as some of the county's key machinery foundry enterprises attended the meeting.

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