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        Welcome to Maanshan Tianli Machinery Co., Ltd.!

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          Manshan Tianli Machinery Co.,Ltd adhering to the principle of providing high quality parts, a variety of products for customers to purchase parts with one-style service, manufacturing value for customers, welcome new and old customers to inquire! Maanshan Tianli Machinery Co., Ltd is mainly focused on producing and selling concrete mixing wear-resistant spare parts, asphalt mixing plant spare parts , mining machinery spare parts, bucket teeth, pump truck parts, shaft seal, roller, belt, concrete pump spare parts glasses plate, cutting ring, piston, bend, S concrete pipe, gate valve, and other related equipment. Our wear resistant product apply for NIKKO, KYC, ZOOMLION, SANY, SICOMA, XCMG, etc. We are manufacturer and research on heat - resistant,abrasion - resistant and impact - resistant alloy castings parts. Characteristics of the enterprise: "refined, specialized and special"; Products are characterized by "large quantities, variety", which meets the needs of the market economy. Every year, more than 10,000 tons of leading products are used in metallurgy, machinery, construction, cement, mining, transportation, automobile manufacturing and other industries.Ma 'anshan Tianli Machinery Co., Ltd. Integrity, strength and product quality recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all over the world to visit, guide and negotiate !

        enterprise culture

        Talent concept:talent philosophy intelligence is more important than knowledge, quality is more important than intelligence, trait is more important than quality.

        Business purpose: honest and trustworthy, quality-oriented, think of cutting-edge technology, create first-class industry.

        Management policy: enterprise group, product brand, scientific management, technology modernization, industry specialization, operation internationalization.

        Business philosophy: customer supremacy, integrity, perfection, unity.

        Management philosophy: system first, manager second, harmonious, reasonable dedication.

        Marketing philosophy: the market is changing, adapt to the market, follow the market, expand the market.

        Research and development philosophy: to do do cutting-edge

        Quality philosophy: product zero defect

        Service philosophy: customer first, heart service; Provide satisfactory products, so that users do not worry. Enterprise core value: human capital, technology capital.

        Core competitiveness: core technology with independent intellectual property rights

        Maanshan Tianli Machinery Co., Ltd.



        con3.pngAddress: New Materials Industrial Park, Bowang District, Maanshan City, Anhui Province


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